Aug 7, 2014

Finally some patching :D

experimented a bit with frequency modulation and VCO-syncing ... will try to make some soundsamples soon :D

Modules you see:
Curtronic: extended VCO, ADSR, VCA, Steiner Parker Filter, Mixer
Thomas Henry. XR-2206 VCO
Yusynth: Dual ADSR, Dual VCA, Wavefolder
CGS: Dual CMOS Filter
Nordcore: M2CV

Aug 4, 2014

XR2206 finally done .. with some help of Bernd (Serenadi) :D

Finally I managed to finish the XR2206 VCO from Thomas Henry .. Board is from Magic Smoke ...
It looks nice buuuut .. the XR2206 I bought seems not to work like they should .. it produces only noise ...

UPDATE: yesterday I had a chance to visit Bernd Schilling (busybernd / serenadi) .. he managed to fix the VCO ... the XR-2206 IC's where crap ... now it works :D

Jan 19, 2014

Next update on PCBs

I just got a delivery from Canada ..
2 BatteryAcid Distortion Modules from hexinverter
One simple and one with CV .. those where designed for the "I dream of wires" Documentary.

I also managed to solder the last parts of the first TH-102 VCO from MagicSmoke ... soon Panel mounting will be done :D

And I build a Cacophonator 6DE from Famfest for my two french Friends from the Cacophoneuses

Sep 2, 2013

a little update on my PCB's

long pause of soldering but on on collecting fun modules.

  • Thomas Henry VCO-555 (4 boards)
  • Thomas Henry ADSR (4 boards)

Mutable Instruments:
  • Anushri

Dec 6, 2012

TODO's 2013

I thought I'd do a quick reminder to myself which PCB's I've bought and still have to solder.

  • Dual Balanced Modulator (Ringmodulator)
  • Random Module (Noise / S&H)
  • VC Quadrature LFO
  • EMS Filter
  • Wavefolder (second PCB)
  • CV Standards
  • Klee Sequencer
  • Mega Percussion Synth  will not be finished .. gave the board to a friend
Magic Smoke Electronics:
  • Thomas Henry XR-VCO (2 Boards) one finished in 07/2014
  • Single Bus Keyboard
  • 16 Step Sequencer with Vari-Clock
  • Tube VCA (two PCB's) 
  • Serge VCS
  • SubOscillator
  • Sequential Switch
  • Thomas Henry Controller LFO (2 boards)
  • MCV Interface (Midi2CV based on an ATMega88) (second PCB)

Nov 3, 2012

curetronic VCA done

did I already mention that it's getting colder outside??

I finished my second module today (PCB's where pre-soldered so actually this was just cabling/wiring)
It's the curetronic VCA => it can do linear and exponential, AC and DC and also offers 2 more inputs as an option.
I will add those two inputs on a separate front-panel with another multiple.

curetronic ADSR done :-)

It must be getting cold outside - soldering goes well.

Today I finished the curetronic ADSR(T) in addition to the typical stuff it has an inverse-out and a TIME-pot - we will see what it does :-)