Nov 19, 2014

:( visions 2014 / 2015

lack of time and money stagnates the building of more modules ..
but at least it can't kill my visions .....
there will be more modules and some nice projects from (Seq4 and CV2)

Aug 7, 2014

Finally some patching :D

experimented a bit with frequency modulation and VCO-syncing ... will try to make some soundsamples soon :D

Modules you see:
Curtronic: extended VCO, ADSR, VCA, Steiner Parker Filter, Mixer
Thomas Henry. XR-2206 VCO
Yusynth: Dual ADSR, Dual VCA, Wavefolder
CGS: Dual CMOS Filter
Nordcore: M2CV

Aug 4, 2014

XR2206 finally done .. with some help of Bernd (Serenadi) :D

Finally I managed to finish the XR2206 VCO from Thomas Henry .. Board is from Magic Smoke ...
It looks nice buuuut .. the XR2206 I bought seems not to work like they should .. it produces only noise ...

UPDATE: yesterday I had a chance to visit Bernd Schilling (busybernd / serenadi) .. he managed to fix the VCO ... the XR-2206 IC's where crap ... now it works :D

Jan 19, 2014

Next update on PCBs

I just got a delivery from Canada ..
2 BatteryAcid Distortion Modules from hexinverter
One simple and one with CV .. those where designed for the "I dream of wires" Documentary.

I also managed to solder the last parts of the first TH-102 VCO from MagicSmoke ... soon Panel mounting will be done :D

And I build a Cacophonator 6DE from Famfest for my two french Friends from the Cacophoneuses

Sep 2, 2013

a little update on my PCB's

long pause of soldering but on on collecting fun modules.

  • Thomas Henry VCO-555 (4 boards)
  • Thomas Henry ADSR (4 boards)

Mutable Instruments:
  • Anushri

Dec 6, 2012

TODO's 2013

I thought I'd do a quick reminder to myself which PCB's I've bought and still have to solder.

  • Dual Balanced Modulator (Ringmodulator)
  • Random Module (Noise / S&H)
  • VC Quadrature LFO
  • EMS Filter
  • Wavefolder (second PCB)
  • CV Standards
  • Klee Sequencer
  • Mega Percussion Synth  will not be finished .. gave the board to a friend
Magic Smoke Electronics:
  • Thomas Henry XR-VCO (2 Boards) one finished in 07/2014
  • Single Bus Keyboard
  • 16 Step Sequencer with Vari-Clock
  • Tube VCA (two PCB's) 
  • Serge VCS
  • SubOscillator
  • Sequential Switch
  • Thomas Henry Controller LFO (2 boards)
  • MCV Interface (Midi2CV based on an ATMega88) (second PCB)

Nov 3, 2012

curetronic VCA done

did I already mention that it's getting colder outside??

I finished my second module today (PCB's where pre-soldered so actually this was just cabling/wiring)
It's the curetronic VCA => it can do linear and exponential, AC and DC and also offers 2 more inputs as an option.
I will add those two inputs on a separate front-panel with another multiple.