Feb 26, 2012

Cabinet dream 2012

A little spare time and my mind designs the new cabinet :)
5 HU (22.5 cm) style, so not this little Doepfer tingies ;)

total front width will be 99cm (18 U)

this baby will be driven with a linear power supply +15 VDC / -15 VDC with 3 A per channel (hope this is enough)

First PCBs from september 2011

These are the first PCB's I ordered for my modular dream back in September 2011 from curetronic.
The PCB's are pre-soldered and checked.

You see a power supply and a bus-board, 100m 121 VCF, Mixer and the Steiner-Parker VCF.

and this is when the pot's and jack's are soldered. A little quiz ... find IN1 for testing :)

I dream of wires - too :)

This vid explains why guys like me build stuff like we do


Feb 25, 2012

PCB's todo

Here the PCB's that already have been delivered an are on my todo-list 2012

  • 2 x Yusynth ADSR 'new version'
  • a second Yusynth Wavefolder
  • Yusynth CV-Standard
  • Yusynth Diode Ladder VCF
  • Yusynth Quadrature LFO
  • Thomas Henry MPS (Mega Percussion Synth) from electro-music.com
  • 2 x Nordcore MVC (Midi2CV Interface) based on an ATMega88 (sequencer.de project)
  • CGS49 Twin CMOSfilter

PCB's ordered but not jet delivered:
  • 2 x Thomas HenryXR VCO from magsmoke.com
  • Curetronic VCA
  • Curetronic ADSR
  • Curetronic VCO extended version
  • Curetronic Dual Shape LFO
PCB's on my wishlist:
Thomas Henry VC Phase Shifter (if I find a PCB layout)
Thomas Henry VC Noise Source (if I find a PCB layout)
CGS01 Suboscillator
CGS04 D.C. Mixer
CGS65 Tube VCA
CGS114 Serge DSUG or CGS74 VCS (or both)
Klee Sequencer from electro-music.com
Yusynth or Curetronic Dual Ring Modulator
Yusynth MinMax
Yusynth Random module
Curetronic 100m 172 Phase Shifter
Curetronic 100m 150 (Ring-S&H-Noise-Clock)

PCB done in 2012

So, here a little image of the pcb's I already finished in 2012, panels are not jet finished and they still have to be tested.

Boards you see:
  • Yusynth Mixer -VC Panner (big one left and upper one)
  • 2 x Yusynth VCA 'Matched BC547' with (1k Resistor on R7)
  • Yusynth Dual Autobend
  • CGS PsychoLFO (little square on the right)

Overview of modules 2012

So, after switching to blogger I thoght I post some pics of the modular analog stuff I already have:

Top row => left to right:
  • Yusynth Wavefolder (working)
  • Yusynth Wavefolder (todo)
  • Yusynth Fixed FiIterbank (working)
  • Yusynth Mixout-VC Panner (soldered, untested)
  • Yusynth CV Standard (todo for new cabinet), that will be replaced with 2 Yusynth VCAs (soldered, untested)
Second row => left to right:
  • Curetronic-DIY Multiple 2x5 / 1X10
  • Curetronic-DIY VCF Steiner Parker with Feedback-Pot-Mod and additional crank-switch :) (working)
  • Curetronic-DIY 100m clone of the 121 VCF (working)
  • Curetronic-DIY Dual-Mixer (working)
  • Curetronic ADSR and Curetronic VCA (not delivered yet)

new Cabinet

After only 5 month of building and researching, my original cabinet (2 * 12 Units) is way to small.
New plan is a cabinet with 4 rows of 18 units each, powerd by a big linear power supply