Mar 22, 2012

my paneldesigns for Synth-DIY

Paneldesigns are online as downloadable pdf.
Size is for 5HU (22.25cm) and a width of 5.5cm.

my paneldesigns

Have fun :)

Paneldesigns 2012

Today I finished "the dark side" of Synth-DIY - @least one part => front-panel-design :(
It always feels like I missed a pot
Of course Yusynth already provides designs I love to use.
All of my designs will be posted here for download after approval - ready to download and print in an 5HU env. :)
And yes, I'm a bit proud on the XR2206 VCO layout.
In total you see (2+3+2+2    +2+3+2+1) 17 Units :) 

Mar 20, 2012


This is my big anniversary.
Today, one year ago, I went 400 km (~248 miles) by car nonstop to get my first hardwaresynth after 10 years of musical abstinence.
It was the Yamaha AN1X.

Mar 12, 2012

PCB's of the last 2 weeks

Found some spare-time for another round of soldering - still some parts missing, but that's a DIYers lot

2 times yusynth ADSR
CGS49 - Twin CMOS Filter with J.H. WASP

I think time has started for another panel-work-session :)

Mar 5, 2012

New PCB's arrived

Today the XR2206 "El Cerrito" PCB's arrived from magic-smoke.
These are my first VCO's :)
Now I have to find a replacement for the LM394 that is used as DIP (~8€)
Best alternative are two matched 2N3904 (4 ct.)