Aug 22, 2012

Yusynth VCA module done :-)

this is the third of the modules where I had the PCB soldered in april this year, but not the time till now to really complete them.
The input-level LED is not as I want it to be, .. after the trimming I did send in the DSI Mopho @ full gain and the LED did not blink once .... so I might mod R24, R25 if I find out to what value.
Also adding more gain might be fun by modding R10, R11.

but it looks nice :-)

Aug 21, 2012

Shoping Spree => the next

I know it looks like revelry but the new cabinet needs power

Today I got 3 Meanwell PSAI 24W +15V -15V
I know that some favour linear power supplies, but the little cheap thingies will do for now ...

Aug 20, 2012

CGS delivery number 2

got my Ken Stoner PCB's today

- one CGS01 Sub Oscillator
- one CGS075 Serge VCS
- two CGS65 Tube VCA

all fun :-)

Aug 19, 2012

Yusynth Mixout-VC Panner done

It's 40 degree Celsius out- and inside and I really sit here and test/solder on a synth-module ... *hehe*

There where 2 solderfaults and I accidentally mixed up some 150k with 150R resistors on the left-out.

Now it works and it sounds good :-)
I didn't install any VU-Meters but still kept the original Yusynth design

a BIG THANKS to "nordcore" for his support on the debugging

Aug 16, 2012

Cabinet 2012

"And now for something completely different ...."
than planned .. my 2nd cabinet :-)
I choose a simpler form and will place the old cabinet on top of that one ....

inner width simply was chosen to 100cm, so this baby adds another 36 Units to "my modular dream"

For all beginners ... cost of this cabinet was about 50,- € (wood and screws and ....)

I already ordered two Meanwell PD-2515 power supplies :-)


Aug 14, 2012

CGS Psycho LFO done

Today I finally finished the Ken Stoner Psycho LFO (CGS03) ....
Testing went well and believe me, this LFO really is psycho :-)

On the pic you see my 'new' Hameg HM303-6 Oscilloscope I got from a friend that went digital. It came together with an FG 200 (Frequency Generator).
Both tools are good for testing and calibrating s-diy modules ...

My curetronic modules got a decent PCB-mounting.
'Till now those PCB simply where screwed to the bottom of the cabinet.
I simply use 'distance bolts M3x40'. they work fine and leave enough space for jack's, cables and other stuff.

Aug 13, 2012

The 1SH24B Tubes arrived

Sweet little beasts I hope.
I need those Tubes for the CGS Tube VCA
Price for two of theese mini russian tubes is about 3-4 Euros

Aug 10, 2012

Pic restart 2012

Here is a picture of the state beginning of august ?? So the newer changes are not in, will upload that tomorrow.

Most markable is -> I NEED A BIGGER CABINET *hehe*
- on the top you see 4 not yet done modules (extended VCO, VCA, EG and Dualshape LFO)
- on the ground you see (from left to right): two Magic Smoke Electronics 201 VCO PCBs and panel, a bunch of PCB's, two nordcore Midi2CV-interfaces (one PCB already soldered), (upper) a Twin Wasp Filter and the green PCBs are Kleesequencer boards and the Thomas Hanry MPS ....

Aug 9, 2012

Another day in modular madness

Yesterday I finished most of the half finished panels, now only the cable soldering remains.
Toady I requested another bunch of PCB's @ my beloved PCB-Dealer Marco from

(Note to myself: build that fu**ing cabinet first ...
Answer to myself: Yes, I will go to the shop next week to buy the wood, think I will add a simple angled 2 row cabinet - 99mm or 110mm in width, and place the old cabinet on top)
One of the new projects will be a separate DinA3 Sequencer (MFOS) anyway

Aug 8, 2012

New changes and order

The radio-show from Yolande ( on Sun. 05. august 2012 was about 4 hours of EM from the Label
That motivated me A LOT to go back to soldering.
Yesterday I finished a couple of 90% done PCB's, drilled some panels, added some pots'n'jacks ..... that means a lot of chaos on my desk :-)
Today I ordered 4 more PCB's from Ken Stoner (
  • one Suboscillator/Harmonicgenerator
  • two Tube VCA's (I even found the 1SH24B Tubes and ordered them)
  • one Serge VCS

Aug 5, 2012

I'll be back :)

After some health issues and a lot of stress@work I had to regenerate a bit and took a couple of months 'off'. Last week new parts from one of my electronic distributors arrived, so I think next week might be a good 'restart'.