Oct 31, 2012

CGS49 Twin CMOS Filter done

another soldered board that had been lying around without been put to the frontpanel.
The CatGirlSynth49 Twin CMOS Filter with J. Haible Distortion ....

The frequency pot has to be soldered between +15V and -15V (like described in the texts and schematics Ken provides) and I modded the resonance on one of the circuits like described on electro-music.com ...
will do some more tests tomorrow ..

Thanks to Ken Stoner for his nice DIY-boards :-)

Oct 30, 2012

Videoreviews on curetronic modules

Today I had time to cut and upload 2 vids from my curetronic-modules.
Both are DIY-Kits (not premade modules)

VCO with ext-board that uses a CA3046, that makes a tempco obsolete.
Waveform-Mixer with inverted-out and muc-much more

On the second vid I go from the wavemix-out of the VCO into the curetronic Steiner-Parker VCF until self-oscillation. This VCF is modded with an additional feedback-pod (yes, it's a mean-machine) for nice filtering I got a Roland 100m VCF-Clone

Oct 29, 2012

My baby learned to sing!! (curetronic VCO done)

Today I managed to finish the curetronic VCO ...
Originally my modular was planned more or less as a Filterbank, so I did not see any need for a VCO at first.

The VCO is a curetronic.com-kit and has the first ever build extension-board (with siganture:-) )

btw. I think my cable-management is getting better *LOL*

Oct 7, 2012

Yusynth (dual) ADSR new version done :-)

Got myself up and finished the two Yusynth ADSR modules that I had laying arround ..
I added the fast/slow switches to get a bigger range
Getting closer to a usable analogue modular system :-)

curetronic springreverb E.R.T. done

today I had the time to finish and test the curetronic springreverb I got at the soldering-workshop in cologne ..
Looks good and sounds good, will have to test all settings now and itegrate it into the cabinet onto the +15/-15 Rail somehow :-)

Oct 6, 2012

Curetronic Workshop in cologne

as one can see on the publishing dates, I lack the time to solder, but yesterday I made it to the curetronic workshop in cologne, hosted by Mattias from www.bild-schall.com.
I still have to mod it a bit for the 15Volt rail or build a separate housing but I now have a curetronic E.R.T. springreverb with an accutronics 9er reverb-tank.
The E.R.T-circuit integrates a low- and bandpass vcf and a noisegenerator.