my me


  • born 1971 (I know how but will never figure out WHY) in Germany
  • living in Belgium since 2003
  • started played music when I was 4 years and wandered through different kind of instruments - not professionally though
  • self educated bass and synth player (though I went to some music-schools - never understood those funny dots on the lines)
  • played in different rock, punk, goth bands with my bass but always got into trouble cause I didn't fit into roll of the guy standing in the corner playing his fu** notes 
  • composed some 20 ambient synth songs at home I never published
  • after an 8 years pause I had to make caused by an accident that left my left hand pinky crooked, I started playing bass again end 2009
  • since then I try to learn as much as I can as a solo-home-musician combining my electronica side with my bass-players side
  • Beginning 2011 the electronica-side won. I sold nearly all my basses and got some synths to play with.
  • you can find more of my musical favorites on my Youtube-Blog or on soundcloud