my music

HeimWeg - a little idea I have been working on ... using my Modular .. AN1X and Blofled for Stingpads and Renoise for Drums

432Hz Experiment - just a little bit of playing around with new tuned synths ... you hear a Yamaha AN1X for deeper sounds . later the Blofeld for higher sounds and the Mopho for Drums
June 2014

Innerclock - December 2012

PlanB - the first time I changed my workflow to play songs "loopbased".
Loopbased to me means, that the whole song actually is one xxx-step loop in Renoise, where tracks are muted/unmuted live and the synths are played and modulated live.

In the summer of 2011 I came up with the idea to simply live-stream my music to the internet, for one song is a bit ..... not that much, I more or less spontaneous made 2 more songs.



After the years of composing and planing music to the last detail (hit play and all will sound the same), the idea the spontaneous chaos and the fact to never be able to recreate a song once played twice was the greatest liberation of my life.