my synth-diy

 I started this project because I always loved those nice analogue modular walls Klaus Schulze and others palyed with ..  and second to learn more about  synthesis and a modular analogue is the best way to do that.
For I can't afford a modular system build from finished modules, I decided september 2011 to go "more or less" DIY.
I had no clue about electronics and it was the first time I got a soldering-iron in my life at the age of 40 ...
Because the most simple Modules I found on the net that looked like real analogue modular for me where MOTM-Format, my Synth uses +/- 15 Volt

Analogue Module overview:

  • [Build 2011] J. Haible Wavefolder (my first module) 
  • [Build 2012] Fixed Resonant Filterbank 
  • [Build 2012] VCA (two) 
  • [Build 2012] ADSR (two)
  • [Build 2012] Autobend (dual version) 
  • [Build 2012] Output mixer & VC-panner
  • Dual Balanced Modulator (Ringmodulator)
  • Random Module (Noise / S&H)
  • VC Quadrature LFO [sold]
  • EMS Filter
  • Wavefolder [sold]
  • CV Standards
  • [Build 2011] Curetronic 100m 121 VCF Clone
  • [Build 2011] Curetronic Steiner-Parker VCF (modded with Feedbacklooper) 
  • [Build 2011] Curetronic Dual-Mixer 2x4 
  • [Build 2012] Curetronic VCO (version 2012) incl. first extension-board Matthias sold 
  • [Build 2013] Curetronic E.R.T Stringreverb
  • [Build 2011] Curetronic BingBong as Toy for my kids ;-)
  • [Build 2012] Curetronic ADSR 
  • [Build 2013] Curetronic VCA lin./exp. 
  • Dual Shape LFO
CGS (Ken Stone):
  • [Build 2012] CGS 03 Psycho-LFO
  • [Build 2012] CGS 49 Twin CMOS Filter with J. Haible Distortion
  • Tube VCA (two PCB's) 
  • Serge VCS [sold]
  • SubOscillator [sold]
[Build 2012] Nordcore Midi2CV Interface
Thomas Henry:
  • [Build 2014]  XR-2206 VCO (a second PCB is still do be done) PCB from Magic Smoke UK
  • 555 Controller LFO (2 boards) from fonik
  • VCO 555 (4 boards) from fonik
  • ADSR 555 (4 boards) from fonik
  • Bass++
  • Sequential Switch
  • Baby 10 Sequencer (no PCB needed)
  • Wasp Filter Clone
  • Klee Sequencer
  • Mega Percussion Synth  will not be finished .. gave the board to a friend
  • Single Bus Keyboard
  • 16 Step Sequencer with Vari-Clock
  • batteryAcid v1.0
  • batteryAcid CV - IDOW Version
Le Bernard: Polivoks Filter

Ian Fritz: 5 Pulsar Waveshaper

Mutable Instruments:
  • Anushri  gave this to my sweetheart
  • [Build 2016] Shruti XT with Polivoks Filter
  • Shruti XT with TubeOhm Ladder Filter
Thomas White: LoPassGate 292c with Fonik-ModeSwitch-Extension

Ucapps: [Build 2016] Midibox Sequencer V4 with 2 MidiIO, Quad Midi IIC and AOUT

Marthias Beese: Dual Delay (2 Sets)

Electro Druid: VC ADSR

STROH Modular (J3rk): Flexwave VCO

[Build 2014] Familiar DIY: Cacophonator 6DE (as present for the Cacophoneuses - France Noise)

Synth DIY Resources:
only to name a couple.

Forums:  has a big Subforum on DIY another big forum on DIY lots of Eurorack

A Mailinglist for Synth-DIY can be found here